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Gold Coast's Vyne Health Counsellor, Shannon shares 5 Tips for Connected Relationships.


  1. When an issue, reaction or argument occurs in a relationship there is not always the time to discuss it then and there. Make a time in the future that works for both people. Communication flows more easily when both people have the time and space to go there. Until then park the issue to the side, being aware of it but not letting it take over.
  2. Check in, what are some of the expectations being placed onto each other or the other person? Is there some easing of these expectations that can occur to allow for more space and less pressure?
  3. Express appreciation about the other person, including the little things or the not so obvious details you notice about them or what they do. When these not so obvious things are noticed and valued the other person has the potential to feel valued and met for who they are.
  4. Walk together, get out and move your body together it is a great opportunity for exercise, conversation and connection.
  5. Stop focussing on what is or might be ‘wrong’ with the other person and give more space to let them simply be.


Shannon is Vyne Health’s in-house counsellor, she is available for general counselling, couples counselling including parenting and women’s health related counselling. She is available at the clinic on Fridays for bookings. 

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