by Rachel Volp August 21, 2017

Do You Experience Headaches or Migraines?  

Everyone experiences headaches, migraines and accompanying symptoms differently. A headache may stem from postural imbalances or from your physical or emotional state. When a headache becomes reoccurring and persistent, interfering with your normal everyday functioning – suggests an imbalance and an intervention is recommended to help improve your quality of life.

Headaches may be due to myofascial lesions in the soft tissues of the neck or upper back. This may alter the muscular formation resulting in sensations of tight knots or taut painful bands of muscle. When these lesions are pressed they may refer to different parts of the head commonly referred to as “trigger points” which are commonly seen in people who suffer from frequent headaches (2).


The World Health Organisation and the Cochrane Library of Systematic Reviews mention clinical evidence on recent and ongoing studies, which recommend Acupuncture as a safe treatment option (1) and concludes that the addition of Acupuncture to symptomatic episodes reduces the frequency of headaches and may be at least effective as prophylactic drugs (1). 

Other causes of headaches may be:

  • Stress or Tension.
  • Emotional factors (unexpressed anger, frustration, worry or other internalized emotion).
  • Poor shoulder or neck posture (common in office work/study).
  • Withdrawal or side effects from caffeine, alcohol or medications.
  • Sinus pain or infection.
  • Otitis / Infections.
  • Dental or gum infections.
  • Diet (e.g. insufficient food, lack of protein, overconsumption of cold/raw/sweet/oily/spicy/dairy or processed foods).


Your Acupuncture treatment will consist of an in depth discussion about your current health and health history. Your Acupuncturist will take into account the foods you eat and your daily work and lifestyle habits. Additionally, your pulses will be felt and your tongue will be inspected. These techniques will help confirm a pattern of disharmony within your body that your Acupuncturist will help to rebalance.

Once specific questioning has been done an individualised treatment plan will be designed to suit you and the location of your pain (e.g frontal, temporal, occipital, or vertex headache).

A few things your Acupuncturist will work towards: 

  • Help reduce the severity and frequency of headaches.
  • To help improve your quality of life (fewer episodes or pain relief). 
  • Help with sleep quality and enhance relaxation.
  • Provide you with education about Traditional Chinese Medicine and the effects that emotions, diet and lifestyle choices have on your body.
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1. Linde K, Allais G, Brinkhaus B, Fei Y, Mehring M, Vertosick EA et al. 2016, Acupuncture for the prevention of episodic migraine. Cochrane Library of Systematic Reviews (6):Cd001218. 

2. Maclean W, Lyttleton J, 2010, Clinical Handbook of Internal Medicine. The Treatment of Disease with Traditional Chinese Medicine. Qi, Blood, Fluid and channel disorders. Vol. 3, Pangolin Press, Hong Kong. 

Rachel Volp
Rachel Volp