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We are now open!

Our Gold Coast acupuncture clinic is nestled in one of the coast's best kept secrets – Varsity Lakes CBD. So many new patients that visit our Natural Health clinic arrive amazed that they are yet to discover this bustling street known as “Varsity Parade”.

This diverse street offers mouth-watering coffee from Blackboard Coffee, modern men’s fades at Barberlife and incredible service at Minogue Hairdressing. Not to forget Bond University is just around the corner and the gorgeous Lake Orr located behind our clinic - home to the Varsity Lakes paddlers club and dragon boat racing club.

Now that I have revealed some insight into this hotspot on the Gold Coast, and a little about what this incredible community has to offer - Lets talk health!

Why choose Vyne Health

We offer a range of services aimed at treating your health naturally. Here is a few great reasons our customers love coming to us at Vyne Health:

  1. Gentle and safe acupuncture for pain, stress, anxiety, sleep and digestion.
  2. Natural fertility or gynaecology treatments.
  3. Flame cupping for tight muscles or pain relief. 
  4. Moxibustion to help enhance outcomes. "Moxa" is a dry herb commonly known as Mugwort or Artemisia Vulgaris, that is directly or indirectly burnt on or near the body's surface to enhance treatment results depending on the presenting condition.
  5. Underground car parking is available (beneath Chancellor Lakeside Apartments). So there is no need to stress - you have your own allocated parking!
  6. Wheelchair or disability access available. We are a stair free clinic and our underground car parking has elevator access.
  7. Toilet on premise! Often before a treatment you may find yourself needing to go, especially if you have snuck out of work for an hour of relaxation. This is also an essential bonus for our ladies who are pregnant!  
  8. Patient Care and a will to listen - your health, happiness and wellbeing is our primary focus.
  9. Referrals - we can team up with an existing health professional that you may already be seeing. This will ensure ongoing progressive results & also allow us the ability to seek further investigations if necessary (e.g. blood tests, scans or physiotherapy exercise rehabilitation) so you are further educated about your condition while on your way to good health.

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    If you have any questions regarding our location or if you are curious whether our services can help you, visit our ‘contact us’ page to leave an enquiry. Alternately you can phone our team on (07) 5515 0409 – we look forward to hearing from you so we can offer our support. 

    - the team at Vyne Health Acupuncture