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Our Gold Coast Acupuncture Clinic will be open during COVID-19

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture delivered by Chinese Medicine Practitioners is classified as an essential service and essential business by the Federal Government in the stage two lockdown. We will remain open unless otherwise instructed.

Your Acupuncturists role during  the COVID-19 / Coronavirus Outbreak: 

The primary aim is to continue supporting the wellbeing of our community members and ensure that healthcare options are still available for those that are suffering with certain conditions. By remaining open allows allied health practitioners the ability to take the stress and load away from GP's that require musculoskeletal assistance or pain relief. Conditions that may require pain relief, naturally, include muscle tension/spasm, muscular injuries, joint pain, headaches/migraines or womens health concerns i.e. period pain or dysmenorrhoea. Our support doesn't stop there, we are still continuing to support conditions like stress and anxiety, disrupted sleep, fatigue and digestive discomfort just to name a few.

Vyne Health has increased its hygiene and has time specifically dedicated to regular intervals throughout the day to ensure the safety of all patients that visit. We have hand washing stations and medical grade hand sanitiser available for everyone that visits.  


We ask that avoid coming to the clinic if: 
  • You feel unwell 
  • Have noticed shortness of breath
  • Developed a cough or fever 
  • You have been or possibly have been in contact with someone with coronavirus / COVID-19 
  • You have recently been overseas 
  • You have returned to Australia/QLD from an overseas trip and failed to isolate for 14 days. 

COVID-19 Coronavirus Information Sheet


* If you have contracted COVID-19 we ask that you let us know immediately so we can ensure the safety of all persons who attend the clinic * 


For any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our clinic: 

1. Write to us > here < 

2. Book an appointment online > here < 

For live updates on the Statistics: Visit health.gov > here <