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We would like to welcome Trent Aitken to the team at Vyne Health 

Trent began his studies with a double degree in Sports Science and Business, followed by 4 years in the Corporate Health sector. Trent gained valuable insights into the everyday challenges we all face when it comes to our health and wellbeing.

A yearning to see more of the world led Trent to travel extensively through North, Central and South America, across to Europe and finally India - over a five and a half year period. Throughout this time, a practice strong in Yoga and Meditation became a staple culminating in Trent completing his teacher training and study of Tibetan Buddhism in India.

Trent is currently studying a Diploma in Remedial Massage.


Why Massage?

Our physical bodies tend to hold & store stress & tension. However, we often neglect this aspect of our health & wellbeing until we sustain an injury or it simply becomes too overwhelming. When we take the time to physically slow down, it gives us a chance to breathe again.

Whether it be trigger point therapy or other methods to restore muscle tissue health - Trent will select different techniques to address any aches, pains or injuries. If you're simply wanting a chance to relax & treat yourself to some extra care and attention, Trent can also incorporate meditation in conjunction with massage to work with both the body & mind; perfect for sleep difficulties, stress & anxiety.

Trent welcomes the chance to provide the space to be able to work together, to grow through these experiences and to offer you a treatment as unique as you are yourself.


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