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Gold Coast Meditation - Our clinic now offers Free Group Meditation Classes or Private Sessions at Vyne Health.

Meditation is a practice that has been carried out for thousands of years across many different cultures. Today, science is objectively substantiating these claims. Studies have shown that mental training induces short and long term neural changes, reduces blood pressure and improves anxiety and depression, just to name a few.


Weathering the storm through Meditation 

“And though the course may change sometimes, the rivers always reach the sea.” I’m unsure that Led Zeppelin were referring to meditation when they wrote these lines, nonetheless, it is where I would like to begin in order to touch the surface of what meditation is or might be.

There are many different ways we can approach the practice of meditation. We may choose to ride down the river of a spiritual approach, a religious approach or from a secular point of view where mindfulness and meditation is aiming to enhance wellbeing i.e. reduce pain, calm the mind and Nervous System. Regardless, all of these rivers make their own way, and in their own time, to meet the ocean. Here, our mind, our inner thoughts and chatter are just as deep and expansive as the ocean itself.

At times, this ocean can be a storm of chaos and ferocity that seems uncontrollable with no end in sight. Gripped in the clutch of emotions, patterns and beliefs, it is often that we get carried away and react without even knowing what has happened. Someone cuts us off in traffic, someone is late, "insert here" certain triggers that are sure to set you off.

Below the surface of the ocean, where the storm is taking place, it is calm. The turbulence above does not have an effect on this serene place of stillness. Storms often come and go without our control and we tend to blame others and shift the responsibility outside ourselves where we can relinquish our control. What we do have control over though, is how we choose to respond to the storm.

When given the chance, do we choose to react or act? Do we cultivate the means through practice, to sit in the expansive stillness that lies under the surface, with the ability to see what plays out before us? Or are we swept away unconsciously and at the mercy of the storm?

This is where the practice of meditation becomes invaluable. By practicing to sit and observe our thoughts and emotions, without judgement, without the need or urge to change them, we are able to create distance between us and them. This practice cultivates the ability to apply this separation in times of inevitable storms that come and go. It is a subtle shift and something that may not be too noticeable for a given period of time. However, after continued practice, you will be able to witness small moments throughout the day where you’re suddenly more aware of the happenings in your life and the actions you take when faced with small obstacles. Obstacles that may have triggered you in the past don’t appear to have such a hold on you.

This is where meditation creates the space in which we are able to witness our thoughts and emotions, allowing for the ability to navigate through our daily lives with awareness and balance. 

Private or Group Meditations

If you are interested in giving meditation a go, we offer classes suitable for beginners or advance. There is no difference, as for us it is about cultivating a personal experience which is unique to us all base don your intentions. 

Join in on Meditation classes at Vyne

If you would like to try meditation or make an enquiry: You can contact the clinic on: (07) 5515  0409 or send a message on our contact page

We offer private 1 on 1 sessions for either 20 minutes, 40 minutes or 60 minutes and will be holding a weekly group class for free at the clinic - Vyne Health. 

Address: 191 Varsity Parade, Varsity Lakes, QLD 4227 




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