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Here at our Gold Coast Clinic, Vyne Health, we like to support women's health, pregnancy and both males and females with fertility treatments that include moxibustion heat therapy. 

Moxibustion, which is also referred to as ‘moxa’ is very effective at stimulating the functions of acupuncture points via heat penetration. There is some research which also suggests that moxa can increase the production of red blood cells and haemoglobin (1, 2). This is very important from our Chinese Medicine viewpoint when treating all things relating to reproduction and reproductive health as blood is the essence of life and the quality and movement of blood is so important for our wellbeing.

Your acupuncturist will likely select distal acupuncture points (on the feet and legs) to help benefit the abdomen area. They will select other specific points that have a relationship with the ovaries and uterus - these points are often warmed with moxa. Our aim is to increase blood circulation to improve the availability of nutrients (via increased blood flow) to the growing follicles. Assist with the removal of the body’s cellular byproducts and inflammation and improve the quality of the endometrial lining. The two primary goals during treatments are to help calm the spirit (mind and body) as a fertility journey can be stressful and come with an array of different emotions. Secondly we aim to nourish the body as a whole to help improve your overall balance. 

Beautiful women, remember moxa is also used to support men during fertility specific treatments for sperm motility and morphology and emotional regulation. 



Debilitating cramping from your period? We know now that moxa’s warming properties are wonderful for creating movement which is exactly how it helps with cramping - by helping the movement of blood. Our aim is to bring warmth to the lower abdomen or lower back, to move stagnant blood or disperse cold trapped in the abdomen or womb space. We’re well aware of the hormones and ‘prostaglandins’ that may be contributing to your pain, so we like to talk about natural ways to help support hormones and ‘inflammation’ during your menstrual cycle, we may provide you with specific dietary or lifestyle advice depending on the presenting signs and symptoms. 



We often see breech baby presentations in our clinic. And you guessed it, moxibustion is one of the main techniques we use to help support baby! We also send our mummy’s home with home work for their partner to continue at home for for 10 days. Our aim is to help baby spin into the correct position without force (if baby wants to do so of course!) 



New parent? Have you heard of “mother warming?” This is a technique we use to facilitate recovery after giving birth. We teach our beautiful mothers (or their partners how to do this technique at home for continued recovery, support and connection) the aim is to rebuild, strengthen and nourish mummy. 



The warming sensation from Moxa can be alleviating for some muscle aches and pains. Our aim is to help to warm muscle, ligaments and tendons. Warth = enhanced blood flow to help with healing and recovery. 

Acupuncture needles with Moxibustion burning with smoke at Vyne health for a fertility and pregnancy treatment  


If you have any questions about our acupuncture treatments or moxibustion, please reach out to us via email > here <we will get back to you really fast! 
We look forward to helping you and meeting you soon.


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 Smokeless Moxibustion burning on needle to support pregnancy at Vyne health


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