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Osteopathy and Pregnancy - How can an Osteopath help me during Pregnancy 

What is Osteopathy and its role during Pregnancy?

Osteopathy is a safe form of manual therapy that can be utilised to help alleviate musculoskeletal complaints during and post pregnancy. Throughout pregnancy many changes occur to the body, including a shift in weight, increased pressure on the pelvis, ligament laxity, swelling and general load on the spine, neck, and shoulders. Lower back and pelvic pain being amongst the most common complaint in pregnant women, with approximately 60% of women reporting lower back pain at some stage during their pregnancy. As many pain-relieving medications are contraindicated during pregnancy, Osteopathy can be drug free alternative approach.

What to expect during my pregnancy Osteopathic Consultation

Osteopaths take a thorough medical history and consider all aspects of the individual including general health, previous injuries, surgeries, and lifestyle factors that may be relevant to their presenting complaint. Osteopaths work alongside Obstetricians, GPs, midwives, Acupuncturists and other allied health professions to provide a patient centred approach to care. Treatment is tailored to the individual, it may include stretching, massage, mobilisation and manipulation, appropriate patient positioning and use of a pregnancy pillow can ensure the patient is kept comfortable throughout.

Can my Osteopath help with strategies to manage my pain during pregnancy?

Yes! Osteopaths are qualified to provide education on bracing and support (if appropriate), sleep posture and health, lifting, exercise and rehab advice for pregnant women.

How can Osteopaths support me during the Postpartum stage? 

Post birth, mothers may sometimes experience discomfort caused by repetitive postures and movements, such as lifting, feeding positions, sleeping positions and post birth musculoskeletal complaints. Whilst it is only natural for them to put their focus on their newborn, it is also important for them to recognise that they too need care.


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Further information regarding osteopathy can be found at https://www.osteopathy.org.au