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At Vyne Health on the Gold Coast, we take pregnancy massage and pregnancy acupuncture very seriously.

We are fully equipped for massage and acupuncture in any trimester during your pregnancy utilising specially designed pregnancy belly pillows to allow you to be face down during your massage.

We also accomodate to suit the position each woman prefer to lay in, with additional towels, cushions, and memory foam supports. This ensures you are comfortable during treatment and you get the maximum benefit and results from your massage. 

Pregnancy massage can be highly beneficial in any stage of pregnancy, providing both physical and psychological relief. It can help your body prepare for the many changes that occur and and can be especially helpful to ease discomfort when you can’t take regular pain relief.


What are the physical and psychological benefits of massage during pregnancy?

Physical benefits of pregnancy massage can include:

  • Relieves muscle tension.
  • Decreases swelling and joint pain caused by fluid retention.
  • Alleviate tension headaches and pain and stiffness.
  • Boosts immunity.


Psychological benefits of pregnancy massage can include:

  • Lower stress
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Reduce irritability
  • Lower back, hip and SIJ pain

The Relaxin hormone helps prepare your pelvic muscles and tendons for pregnancy by relaxing them. This process can loosen the ligaments around the joints which can cause additional strain & tightness in the surrounding muscles, causing hip and low back pain. Massage can help by relaxing the muscles that tighten.

Some common conditions mothers to be visit our clinic for pregnancy acupuncture or pregnancy massage include: 

Neck pain during pregnancy: 

Pain of neck and upper back in pregnancy is often an exacerbation of a previous condition that intensifies during pregnancy as the women’s posture changes. Especially relevant with neck and upper back pain is the increasing weight of a women’s breast throughout the pregnancy.

If you are experiencing neck and upper back pain we recommend treatment such as physio and massage regularly before baby is born as following the birth, breastfeeding can quickly turn any minor neck and back discomfort into a major problem.


Hand pain, wrist pain or carpal tunnel during Pregnancy: 

Characterised by pain numbness affecting the thumb index finger and ring finger. Frequently occurring in later stages of pregnancy due to oedema in the hands. Numbness tingling burning sensation arise as a result of the median nerve being restricted as it asses through the carpal tunnel in the wrist. Wrist and forearm massage can alleviate this.



Leg pain and cramping during pregnancy: 

Painful leg cramps that occur at night are very common in the later stages of pregnancy, These cramps are thought to be the result of changing calcium and phosphorus levels circulating in the blood stream and the pressure of the uterus restricting venous blood return.


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If you have a loved one that is a mother to be, a mum or has recently given birth to their little bundle of joy and you would like to gift a massage voucher to help fill up their cup -  we have instant gift vouchers that can be downloaded. 

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massage during pregnancy for low back pain at gold coast clinic vyne health



When is the best time to receive a pregnancy massage?

Massage can be applied at any stage of pregnancy with a therapist trained specifically in pregnancy massage.


How much is Pregnancy Massage at Gold Coast's Vyne Health?

$89 for an hour session. $139 for 90 mins (To book a 90 minute massage please email info@vynehealth.com.au or write to us here. 


We look forward to seeing you in the clinic. 


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