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What are the benefits of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea during Pregnancy or your Menstrual Cycle?

Raspberry leaf tea comes from the leaves of the red raspberry plant. It is an ancient remedy, employed by women for centuries to support uterine health, aid in painful menstrual cramps, and is a particularly popular beverage of choice during pregnancy and child bearing years.

While it is known as a herb to support females, there are also reports of raspberry leaf tea supporting the prostate, and generally benefiting the digestive ailments of children and adults.

It doesn’t taste like sweet and sour raspberries as the name suggests, rather it tastes more like a black tea, if you’re a tea lover this one is for you.


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What are the health benefits of this popular “woman herb” Raspberry Leaf?

Raspberry leaf tea contains the alkaloid fragile, which has been known to be a uterine tonic, I.e. help strength the uterus and the pelvic area. Its most popular benefits that are talked about include:

  • Support reproductive health.
  • Relieve and ease menstrual cramping and discomfort.
  • Has a balancing effect on hormones to support fertility.

The uterus is a powerhouse filled with incredible abilities, like housing a warm space for your beautiful baby to feel supported.. that being said it is important to nourish your uterus and Raspberry leave helps do just that (especially during you pre-conception phase)


Raspberry leaf is rich in vitamins and minerals containing Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, B Vitamins, Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium and Phosphorus. Did we mention it has trace minerals to? Such as zinc, iron, chromium and manganese.

The fact raspberry leaf is packed with benefits makes it a wonderful way to supplement a balanced diet during pre conception, your last trimester of pregnancy and beyond. We thought it was also important to mention you make note of those minerals and vitamins having a positive effect on immune health too!


Is Raspberry Leaf Tea safe during Pregnancy?

Raspberry leaf tea is often recommended by midwives, doulas and health practitioners who work with fertility or pregnancy. We recommend it too. Midwives recommend you don’t start drinking Raspberry leaf tea until your second trimester, us Chinese Medicine practitioners also agree that raspberry leaf tea should be avoided during your first trimester, in-fact at Vyne Health we also recommend you only begin consuming it once you hit 37 weeks in your pregnancy journey as it is a uterine tonic and stimulates the pelvic floor muscles. This may increase uterine contractions and potentially threaten early labour, although there are no studies to corroborate this, it is something we take seriously in Chinese Medicine; I repeat only consume red raspberry leaf tea from 37 weeks onward to help with spontaneous labour induction!


How to Brew Raspberry Leaf Tea and how much should I consume?

We recommend 1 - 2 teaspoons of organic raspberry leaf tea, steeped in boiling water (100ºc) for 10 - 15 minutes, strain and enjoy!

We recommend 1 cup per day, if you’re not feeling any uterine sensations, increase to 2 cups. (Providing you are at your due date or the 37th week in your 3rd trimester).

 A study was conducted on a group of mothers and indicates that raspberry leaf tea may help shorten labour and results in fewer medical interventions, including caesarean (1). 

A study suggests that women who drank raspberry leaf tea regularly may also be less likely to receive an artificial rupture of their membranes of require a cesarean section, forceps or vacuum birth then women in the control group (1).

We have some delicious raspberry leaf recipes - keep an eye on our articles as we will share these with you soon.


Red Raspberry Leaf Tea By Vyne Health Pregnancy Tea


For full benefits, ensuring you’re consuming 100% Raspberry leaf Tea and not a Raspberry Flavoured Tea


We stock Organic 100% Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. We recommend you check that you are consuming an organic tea, and be mindful of raspberry tea blends - a blend infused with raspberry flavour will not have the same benefits of 100% raspberry leaf tea.

The teas to avoid are raspberry flavoured herbal teas which may have ingredients like hibiscus, rose hips, apples, elderberries, natural and artificial raspberry flavours. Teas like this don’t contain any Raspberry Leaf at all and thus won’t offer any of the potential benefits listed above.


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We hope you love your tea’s as much as we do at Vyne!



(1). Parsons M, Simpson M, Ponton T, ‘raspberry leaf and its effects on labour: safety and efficacy’, Nationally Library of Medicine, PMID: 10754818


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